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Daughters of Chaos (2) Adoptable Auction (CLOSED) :iconmicrowaved-box:Microwaved-Box 37 12 It'll be ok :iconmicrowaved-box:Microwaved-Box 10 3 Limestone Pie x Raspberry Beret CUSTOM :iconmicrowaved-box:Microwaved-Box 21 2
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Writing Tips - Willing Suspension of Disbelief
So, let’s talk about suspension of disbelief. I hear these words a lot and a lot of my stories rely on some suspension of disbelief. Actually, all my works do. Because all stories require some suspension of disbelief. Storytelling of all kind is about creating an illusion. Like a magic act. If you’ve ever gone to one, it’s not about pointing out how the tricks work. It’s about admiring the spectacle of it all. When the magic show is actually good and the magician knows what he’s doing at the very least.
Being both a critic, and a writer… describing the willing suspension of disbelief is one of the more touchy spots that I’ve been in. I mean, anything I’ve ever critiqued can be given the defense “haven’t you ever heard of suspension of disbelief?” And everything I’ve ever written - being both a fantasy and a children’s author, can be given the attack “that
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Daughters of Chaos (2) Adoptable Auction (CLOSED)
Rarity x Discord

This is a rather old character of mine that I always intended to put up for adoption, I was going to bundle her up with other 2 characters but I've grown fond of her, and giving her a little spotlight made sense

1) "Oh darling, you just have to learn, there is a huge amount of jealousy and hate in this business, you just have to learn to stand up for yourself and shine brightly for what you truly are, and what you are is beautiful!"

Extravaganza is always too busy mmmblocking out the haters! 

2) "Perfect isn't easy but it's meeee!"



Pixel: Blue Stary Starting bid: 8 USDPixel: Blue Stary  

Pixel: Blue Stary Auto-buy: 50 USDPixel: Blue Stary 
If you autobuy I can color 2 of the three exploration sketches above for you


Pixel: Yellow Star Minimum bid increase: 1 USD    

Pixel: Yellow Star Only bid if you can pay on the next 72 hours
Pixel: Yellow Star Bidding ends at 12:00 pm Eastern Time Zone May 12th (two weeks)

Pixel: Yellow Star After purchasing the character is your and you can change it as you like, as much as you like (mentioning is not necessary in any way, but it would be widely appreciated)  

Pixel: Yellow Star Once you buy you get a flat colored version, a bigger version and you can feel free to ask anything about her design

Pixel: Yellow Star Please make a new comment to bid instead of replying to the previous bidder

Pixel: Yellow Star if you wish to know when you are out-bid let me know in your comment
Design Contest $15CASH/1200 Points!Hello everyone! It's been a bit since my last design contest. Sorry about that! Anyways, here is what you have to do:
In order to enter you must
:star: Favorite this journal
:star: Make a journal or poll about this contest
:star: comment below saying you are entering
:star: have an actual art piece presented before 4/19
Your design should be based off this bio I made:
1st Place:
~1200 :points: or $15 cash from me
~Fullbody flatcolor (mlp oc) from me
~Flatcolor headshot (mlp oc) from me
~Llama and Watch from me
2nd Place:
~Fullbody flatcolor (mlp oc) from me
~Flatcolor headshot (mlp oc) from me
~Llama and Watch from me
3rd Place:
~Flatcolor headshot (mlp oc) from me
~Llama and Watch from me
~An adopt from current adopt batches
You may donate if you feel generous c:
Tag (people who may be interes
 I'll be joining this contest cuz I love genki and her character ideas, and even if I don't win I'll offer to make a flat chibi for the winner 
Mar 14, 2017
:iconmicrowaved-box:Microwaved-Box has changed their username (formerly julie-yailee)
It'll be ok
Ok guys time for a quick storytime!
About 5 months ago my dad and I were thrown out by my step mother because of a quarrel between them, we were forced out with a few weeks notice.
    I didn't have that many personal possessions of my own, and money was running extremely tight to be able to pay for the deposit to the new apartment. I am a fairly recently arrived immigrant so I couldn't get a job even if I tried and my dad and I were living on hotdogs and cheese sandwiches. So I tried making money with deviantart, I opened emergency commissions, I did two batches of adoptables and was basically willing to sell my soul to the devil to make a few bucks to take home and have a decent meal.
    The selling process was extremely slow until constellationmaker llatiomaker came along, they bought all of my unsold adoptables and even volunteered to give me a description to make my first custom (until today I believe the only reason people ask me to make customs for them is because of how good the character they thought of was).
    Now the situation is turned and they are the one going through though times, and I want to help them just as they helped me, but unfortunately my economic situation is not good enough to do that much of a difference, but I would deeply appreciate it if you guys could make any small donation, and if you can send me a screenshot or any proof or a 1USD donation to her PayPal I'll make pencil sketch just as this one!
Their paypal:…
Their story: constellationmaker.deviantart.…


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17. Female. Bisexual. Venezuelan immigrant who is very anxious and forgetful, loves to draw ponies but doesn't like to admit it


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Hope you like it <3…
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Lmao, what can I say? I reaaaallyyy like the word microwaved, box was just a whatever thing, I might change it but microwaved stays
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