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Buttercup Bio
Guys I've never been so glad of putting off designing something in my whole life!!!

Parents: Applejack x Coloratura
Nicknames: Cuppie, Butters, Cups, Bright Eyes, Bookie (by her little cousins)
Siblings: ?
Build: Chubby and Short

Special talent: Playing the acoustic guitar but mostly writing small heartwarming songs that remind ponies of sunny mornings

Description: a cute little pack of sunshine, full of songs and bad puns

Background: Named after her later grandmother, Buttercup is the apple of her mothers' eyes, she first held a guitar on a bonfire with momma Applejack by her side, Applejack had made her a small ukelele sized guitar for her to play with, She is still has it and plays it every once in a while. Since Coloratura moved into Sweet Apple Acres (she and Applejack build themselves a little side house close to the barn) Paparazzi had suddenly appeared behind the apple trees, Big Macintosh, Applejack and Winona had been pretty good at controlling the situation, but the pregnancy made it unbearable for everyone involved, still, Buttercup was born in Sweet Apple Acres like every Apple before her.
 Everypony had high expectatives for Cups since a very young age. For a while she took it well, she was a child prodigy and a natural lyricist, but as she grew older ponies started to realize Buttercup wasn't the singer her mother was. She was good, but it was like comparing lighting with candlelight, people thought that she would outgrow her guitar covers and little melodies but that was just the type of music that she liked to make, and thanks to both her mother's support she always stuck to who she was and not to what the masses wanted her to be.

About: Buttercup considers herself a normal mare, never felt any different for being the daughter of a pop star, she has a moderate amount of friends (quality over quantity), she loves her family as much as they love her, and she falls in love surprisingly often, the only difference is that after all of this, she makes songs based on it all, adding a bit of surrealism for artistic appeal. She loves the out doors and was raised a country fillie, making it hard for her during playdates with the pompous kids of Coloratura's colleagues. Her self steem could be higher but she always looks for the good on people and lives by the philosophy of "fool me once..."

Music inspiration:…
Guys!!! last mlp episode inspired me soooo much, I used to ship Rarajack but lost interest, BUT THE FLAME HAS BEEN REBORN

!!!Spoilers for episode 13 "The Perfect Pear" underneath!!!

Ok so I've always been a sucker for the sad but heartwarming story of a kid who looses their parents early on but then find a romantic partner that reminds them a little bit (if it was too much it would be creepy) of either one of their parents, and Coloratura and Buttercup share eye color, a beautiful singing voice and a caring soul, it might all be in my head but I love this so much guys salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet 
Prideful Crybaby
the beginning of a little series I'm making with my nextgen, all caused by a little doodle of crybaby I made while I was bored

Crybaby is basically pony-me and I am lithromantic and pansexual, meaning I get crushes but don't feel comfortable being involved in a romantic relationship, and at the same time I can get sexually involved with anyone in the gender spectrum

I wanted to do this because there's not a lot of lithromanric awareness out there which means that it can take ages for a lith kid to figure out their romantic orientation, and before finding out (as it usually happens to anyone in the aromantic spectrum) we can experiment a deep feeling of brokenness, like we're missing something that everyone else has already found, but if you identify as aromantic, remember, you're not missing anything, you're not broken, you're beautiful, loving and have a happy life ahead of you no matter what, even if you aren't aromantic if you belong in the lgbtq+ community, keep on smiling      


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Venezuelan immigrant who is very anxious and forgetful, loves to draw ponies but doesn't like to admit it
English is NOT my native language and I mess up a lot
Lithromantic Stamp by sunbirds
Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds



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