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KilalaOTP: Rarimaud
Smiles are like Jewels

Most ponies don't really understand Maud Pie, her lack of emotions makes them feel far away from her, and have a hard time relating to her at all, after all who can find anything wonderful in plainness and toughness, who can think a simple boulder might hold treasure and wonder within.      
Rarity is more than often misinterpreted, her passion is often mistaken by self absorbance, her acts of selflessness are misinterpreted as simple networking activities, her bright smiles which she offers to anyone who crosses her path are seen as cheap and fake, who wouldn't pass on a diamond in the middle of the sidewalk just because we have overlooked it as a simple & dirty piece of glass.

When Maud first started to be a receiver of Rarity's smiles, she couldn't avoid seeing in her what everyone thought was lacking in her own self, and for a minute, she wanted to be jealous, she wanted to hate her like water hates fire and water hates oil, but she couldn't, all she could see was the emotions behind that wonderful smile, how not two expressions were the same and how much courage laid behind every single one of them.

Rarity tried at first to forcibly steal a smile from Maud, she wanted the privilege of lighting up her eyes and perking up the corners of her mouth, maybe even getting a small and awkward laugh, a laugh that was rusty from the lack of use. Soon giving up, Rarity decided to stop chasing that which might as well come naturally or not come at all, but Rarity soon realized that she wanted a smile from Maud, and the only one who could decide the date of its arrival was Maud herself, and soon enough, Maud's smiles came naturally as Rarity showered her with love and reassurance. The world disappeared and the most wonderful jewels shined; when Maud saw that carefully crafted beam, a smile which belonged only to Rarity and herself; & when Rarity was able to see that small smirk she which compared to the world's most beautiful and ephemeral occasions .

I'm so tired guys, and this is so cheesy  GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 
This contest challenged me in soooo many ways ( I finally learned to draw a crystal in digital, but if only you could see how many layers I used for this piece), at the end I find myself really satisfied and feel stronger as an artist, so thank you kilalaaa , for giving me an excuse to throw myself thousands of miles away from my comfort zone  

ShadowPatch Contest Entry

for FeelingGenki 's contest, my take on her character shadow patch as a colt, an adult and his cutie mark, he's the child of Luna and Sombra 
Freyja based Custom
A custom for GoblinsDomain , an amazing client to work with! wanted a draconequus character based on the norse goddess Freyja, goddess of fertility, beauty, love, gold, & war  
8 Facts About Eventide
Hey guys! sorry for the inactivity but I just happened to have a little free time this weekend, in other news, I got tagged in this site for the very  first time!, by the amazing FaeDeeDraws , She choose my character Eventide a.k.a Sunbutt the II, and I'm so sorry I took so long to do it, but better late than never

 Post these rules.
 Post 8 facts about your character.
 Tag 8 other characters.
 Post their names along with their creators' usernames/avatars.

1) Evie is the second child of Twilight Sparkle, and has always seen Spike as an older brother, of course that the age gap and Spike's new position as the second of command in the changeling kingdom didn't allow them to be too close, however, Eventide usually exploded with excitement whenever Spike came to visit, and always made the most of their time together, learning from her BBBFF how to breath fire (don't ask me how, these alicorn kids are weird), how to calm her mother in moments of anxiousness, and how to read a 13 tome comic book series in one night.

2) Eventide is an EXTREME EXTROVERTED and is overrun with loneliness whenever she's completely left alone for too long, thankfully her younger sister, Daybreak, is aware of this and is very rarely away from her sister's side while inside the castle, outside however?, Eve could befriend Timberwolves if she's determined enough, and the nights she goes out to party things can get wild quickly, so Daybreak just hangs back at the castle with tea and a good book to enjoy some alone time, maybe inviting one or two cherished friends to join her.      

3) Her relationship with her mom's acquaintances is very good, sinse she, like the rest of the mane6 nextgens, was raised with: slumber parties in the castle, snack times at Sugar Cub Corner, dress up sessions at Carousel Boutique, sunny afternoons in Sweet Apple Acres, flying lessons at Rainbow's flight school, and fieldtrips to Fluttershy's treehouse; However Eventide has always had a favorite auntie, and that's her mentor Celestia, who breaks out with tears of joy every now and then by how much Eve reminds her of both her mothers.

4) Flurry Heart & Eventide have carried out what is known as Equestria's longer lasting prank war, Ponyville and Crystal Empire citizens shudder when the thought of a meeting between the cousins crosses their minds, since casualties are not rare on this never ending war, their parents don't know whether to step up too the reckless behavior or congratulate cousin bonding, instead just living the cousins alone to their "harmless" pranks, living them time to institute official rules and by-laws that are religiously uphold by both participants.

5) Tide is very romantically oblivious and overall uninterested, she's not on the aromantic spectrum, she just prefers to make as many friends as she can and look for "the one" later, she is ignorant of people's feelings towards her apart from friendship, all these facts only made Sour Cream's crush on her during their teenage days all the more painful, Cream Pie now cringes at the thought of his "good boy" face and has since realized the dumbness of his one-sided crush, and still has romantic feelings towards her, but understands that it's also Eventide's choice whether to see their relationship as romantic or platonic, but still hasn't gathered enough courage to confess, they are perfectly fine as friends through.

6) Eventide seems loud and obnoxious at first glance, but she cares a lot about her friends and tries to be empathetic, understanding and kind, and defends her friends swiftly and mercilessly. She's never been much of a mom friend (usually that's Daybreak) and Eve is sometimes reckless, but her wish to live her life to the max always clogs her perception of the big picture, no one knows why exactly she holds this aspiration so closely to her heart but as long as she's not hurting anybody...

7) She's an insane party goer and loves t go out with a trusted group of friends from club to club, meeting new exciting people on the way, one of her favorite friends to do this with is Synthesizer, sometimes they drag Daybreak along, even through at the end of the night they'll both be blissfully drunk and Daybreak will try her best not to loose them

8) Loves her sister more than anything in this world and would do anything to make her laugh, she never truly pressures her into being more outgoing than she already is, she just likes to hang with her in general, as her presence in any room tranquilizes her, they both compliment each other and love each other for it

I tag:

1) Scorpion-89  Gam
2) XenaLollie  Anomally
3) rainbowfactory20  Sunlight
4) OverlordNeon   Nova Dawn
5) qatsby  Retro Dash
6) ponydreamdiary Mag Pie
7) kraytt-05 tu Chrysalis x Pinkie Pie porque la adoro
8) I'm tired Llama Emoji-65 (Blink White and Tired) [V3] 




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Lithromantic Stamp by sunbirds
Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds


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